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Smart energy management

  • Monitoring if energy use is according to plan

  • Helps to detect origins of energy waste

  • Powerful  schedules  guarantee  correct  operation throughout the year

  • Save  energy  by  interlocking  A/C  operation  with  other equipment such as heating

User friendliness

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Visual lay out view and direct access to indoor unit main functions

  • All  functions direct  accessible  via  touch  screen or  via web interface


  • BACnet protocol for 3rd party products integration

  • I/O for integration of equipment such as lights, pumps on WAGO modules

  • Modular concept for small to large applications

  • Control up to 2,560 indoor unit groups

Easy servicing and commissioning

  • Remote refrigerant containment check preventing on-site visit

  • Simplified troubleshooting

  • Save time on commissioning  thanks to the pre-commissioning tool

  • Auto registration of indoor units

Intelligent touch Manager Icon

Functions overview

System layout:

  • Up to 2,560 unit groups can be controlled  

  • (ITM plus Integrator + 7 iPU (incl. iTM adaptor)

  • Ethernet TCPIP



  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Spanish

  • Dutch

  • Portuguese


Connectable to:

  • DX Split, Sky Air, VRV

  • Chillers (with Microtech controller)

  • Daikin AHU

  • Fan coils

  • Daikin Altherma Flex type

  • LT and HT hydroboxes

  • Air curtains

  • WAGO I/O

  • BACnet protocol


  • Individual control (2,560 groups)

  • Schedule setting (weekly schedule, yearly calendar, seasonal schedule)

  • Interlock control

  • Setpoint limitation

  • Temperature limit


WAGO Interface:

  • Modular integration of 3rd party equipment

  • WAGO coupler (interface between WAGO and Modbus)

  • Di module

  • Do module

  • Ai module

  • Thermistor module



  • Web access

  • Power Proportional Distribution (optional)

  • Operational history (malfunctions, operation hours, etc.)

  • Smart energy management

  • Setback function

  • Sliding temperature

System Overview of Intelligent touch Manager